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16 Jan 2014

We Talk Wedding Cakes with Sweet Hollywood

by asha@hitched

Are you planning to throw an elaborate wedding in the UK? We talk to London-based wedding cake maker Sweet Hollywood about their amazing cake designs and what trends the predict for 2014.

Tell us a bit about Sweet Hollywood and how you got started?

Sweet Hollywood is a unique bespoke cake company based in London and founded by creative directors and husband and wife duo Pardeep Gill & Renu Kaur Gill.

Whilst Renu worked for a law firm in the city she always loved baking cakes and creating something special for friends and family. However little did she know that a few months down the line Sweet Hollywood would be born and her cakes would be getting so much love and attention.

The turning point was when her then fiancé Pardeep Gill encouraged her to showcase her work at a wedding show in Excel. Pardeep booked the stand and informed Renu she had six weeks to create something spectacular. The doors opened at Excel and the response for the unique cakes was phenomenal and Sweet Hollywood was officially born!

What inspires your cake designs?

Having a passion for food, events, fashion and photography our cakes take inspiration from this and our love for baking is captured within every slice.

Like Hollywood our cakes are larger than life, with each edible work of art directed by the client and then beautifully crafted by our team of artists.

We don’t see ourselves as a production line and like to take the time out to better understand our clients and create something spectacular. We feel there is definitely a gap in the market for bespoke wedding cakes along with props that showcase the cakes like our floating table.

The sweet recipe of perfection stems from a combination of stunning design, delicious flavours and our meticulous attention to detail.

What is the most spectacular wedding cake you have created?

One of the most spectacular wedding cakes we created was probably for our own wedding. You are probably thinking who makes their own wedding cake and sets it up the night before their big day.

The cake featured six superior sized tiers and stood 6 foot tall. Furthermore we incorporated our initials on the middle synched in waist tier. The cake was then beautifully finished off with fresh flowers and presented on our unique floating table, which wowed the guests.

The custom table was made from clear reinforced acrylic and gave the impression that the cake was floating in mid air. If that was not enough we had a custom acrylic pool made that sat on the table and an acrylic cube, which was the stand for the cake and sat within the pool. This gave the impression the cake was floating on water and together with floating candles the whole presentation was magical.

The cake itself was moist and delicious and we incorporated different flavours in each tier along with a hidden golden coin which gave one of our lucky guests a pleasant surprise as well as a bottle of Champagne for their find.

Which colors and flavours prove most popular?

The request for various colours changes from bride to bride however we have seen an increase in people wanting to experiment with color. We recently matched the cake to our bride and grooms outfits and the response for this was amazing.

The photographer actually posted the image on a social media site and the picture went viral with many likes and positive comments. We are always open to suggestions and like to experiment with different colours and design.

With regards to flavours we are finding that our Luscious Light Lemon Cake is a big hit! The cake consists of a light and moist Lemon sponge that is layered with an incredibly fresh and zesty Lemon Buttercream.

What wedding cake trends do you predict for couples in 2014?

Sweet Hollywood is always working on new ideas and concepts to try and break away from the norm. We are setting the trend of celebrity style wedding cakes along with the overall presentation of the wedding cake and have some fab fresh ideas for 2014! All we can say is watch this space www.sweethollywood.com

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