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08 Sep 2014

Five Things About Getting Married that No One Tells You

by asha@hitched

When you announce your engagement, plan your wedding and even when you are a newlywed, you are expected to be basking in happiness and love. However, some brides and grooms find getting to grips with wedding planning, living together and being a newlywed isn’t without its hurdles! Take a look at a few things no one tells you about getting married…

You Will Gain a While New Family Before Getting Married

The excitement of planning your wedding is likely to influence all of the family so you may find your in-laws-to-be become heavily involved in your life before your marriage actually happens.

You Might Start to Scrutinise Your Body

Many brides (and grooms) think about losing weight before their wedding, but it’s important that you remain realistic with your goals and remember that you are gorgeous as you are!

Moving In Might Be a Chore

Whether you have an arranged married or if you are a love match, moving in together takes compromise. If possible, discuss your expectations of who will do the cooking, the cleaning and other household chores to see if you are both on the same path.

Every Night Isn’t Filled with Passionate Sex

Don’t expect your sex life to resemble the movies, with the added stresses of working, family life and spending time with friends, it’s ok to fall into bed together and go straight to sleep, even when you are newlyweds.

You Might Feel Sad

Moving away from your family might make you feel sad, that doesn’t mean you aren’t happy as you are, it just means you have such a great family that you are going to miss them. So don’t beat yourself up if you feel down.

Asha x

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