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13 Oct 2014

Five Newlywed Arguments That Can Be Avoided

by asha@hitched

Whether you have had an arranged marriage and you were a love match, when you get married there may be things you start to argue about that never seemed important before. Living together and getting used to married life can take some adjustments so don’t worry if the first few weeks of living together aren’t one big fairytale like the movies!

If you want to avoid some of the most likely newlywed arguments then take a look at what you can do!

Argument 1: Duties within the Home

Before you move in together, take some time to talk about what you will both expect from each other when it comes to the household chores such as cooking, cleaning and maintaining your home. If you both have full time jobs then you may have varying ideas of what you expect from each other, to save arguments over who should do the dishes and who will clean the house, talk through what household responsibilities you expect to take on.

Argument 2: Spending Time with Each Other’s Families

Even before you get married, you will see the size of your family double as you and your partner unite – which may mean you have less time to spend with your own family so you can put some time towards getting to your new family. Talk through with your partner what you both expect, if you usually spend every Sunday with your family then maybe you can offer to alternate weekends to make time for your new family – it’s all about compromise.

Argument 3: When to Have Children

Once you are married you may find there is a great expectation to start a family right away, but perhaps you want to spend some more time on your career or some time just to spend together as newlyweds. Having children will be one of the biggest changes you have happen in your life so it’s important you and your new husband/wife talk this through and both have similar views about when this will happen.

Argument 4: Where to Live

You might move in with your partner’s family before you settle in your own marital home, but it’s important you have an idea of where you want your marital home to be. It may depend on your jobs, family and money and you will need to be open to compromise if your situation were to change, but it’s also important to make sure you both have a similar idea of what your future holds.

Argument 5: All the Little Things

You may also find that you argue over the little things, being late home from work, spending too much money, what color to paint the house. Try and remember to compromise as you live together and learn to accept your differences and talk them though, it will leave you with a much happier home!

Asha x

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Published 13 Oct 2014 1:14 by asha@hitched