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11 Nov 2014

Six Types of Guest to Expect at Your Wedding

by asha@hitched

Each wedding is different but it appears that there are a few different types of wedding guest that just seem to be at every wedding. Take a look at our typical types of wedding guests and see if you can spot any that look familiar…

The Overbearing Aunties

We’ve all got them but the overbearing auntie is in her element when it comes to a wedding. She will be there to offer her opinion (whether you want it or not!) during all the planning and any opinions you chose to ignore will be highlighted during the wedding to anyone who will listen!

How to deal with the overbearing auntie

Try and remember that the overbearing auntie just wants to be involved because she cares, listen to what she has to say but then ultimately make the decisions that are right for you and your partner.

The ‘It should be me’ Cousin

If you have cousins or friends that are a few years older than you that are still waiting to be married then you may find they get a little envious of you and your spectacular wedding!

How to deal with the ‘It should be me’ cousin

So long as any jealousy is kept to a minimum you will probably barely notice any problems. Your envious cousin may not be the most enthusiastic person to speak to as you plan your wedding but you are sure to have plenty of other friends and relatives who will be really happy and excited.

The Paparazzi Guest

Whether it’s his smart phone or his new digital camera, paparazzi guest will be everywhere you look. Not only will he take endless photos of you and your guests, he will also be intent of taking ‘artsy’ shots of your cake, décor and more.

How to deal with paparazzi guest

Paparazzi guest can be a blessing in disguise and mean you get lots more photos of your special day. However, if they start standing behind the photographer or getting in the way of professional photos then you may need to say something!

The Dancer

You will have no idea where the dancing guest gets his energy from as he will be dancing all night long – pulling in any one that walks past and encouraging others to join in.

How to deal with the dancer

The dancer can be a great guest to get the party started! Just make sure they aren’t too over enthusiastic with their moves and don’t end up hurting anyone!

The Serial Facebooker/Tweeter/Instgrammer

This guest will spend more time taking selfies and ‘checking in’ to your wedding than actually talking to you. If you wanted to keep your wedding away from social media then this guest can cause a problem.

How to deal with the serial social guest

A polite note on your wedding stationery about keeping your wedding private could work or failing that ask a mutual friend to advise the guest in a subtle way.

Have you encountered any of these guests? We’d love to hear!

Asha x

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