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24 Dec 2014

Find Your Color Scheme by Creating a Wedding Moodboard

by asha@hitched

If you are starting to think of color schemes for your wedding then our wedding moodboard tool is here to help. Use all your favorite wedding pictures to make a moodboard and see how all your ideas blend together. Whether you want to go traditional with shades of red, luxurious with glittering gold or vibrant with touches of electric blue, add your ideas to a hitched moodboard and see how well they work together.

We love this deep red moodboard with splashes of gold to add a touch of glitz to your wedding look.

Wedding Moodboard

For something fun and vibrant think about using electric blue – you could even choose a wedding saree to match that you could wear to the reception.

Wedding Moodboard

Add some luxe to your wedding look by choosing a gold color scheme – you can have so much fun with a golden color theme and add a touch of glamour to your wedding.

Wedding Moodboard

If you are looking for something a little different then an orange color scheme could be a perfect idea, it will blend well with splashes of gold and you will have a great choice of wedding flowers to pick from.

Wedding Moodboard

Start creating and saving your own wedding moodboards by visiting our My Wedding section.

Asha x

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Published 24 Dec 2014 10:50 by asha@hitched