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06 Jan 2015

Creating Your Bridal Beauty Kit

by asha@hitched

Even if you have the best make-up artist in the world, you will need to make some touch ups to your bridal look throughout the day – so a bridal beauty kit that you can have to hand will be a must! Take a look at some of the key things you should include in your bridal beauty kit…

A Matte Powder

Eliminate redness and shine by having a matte powder to hand that you can quickly apply throughout the day as needed.

Blotting Paper

Blotting paper is not only great for absorbing excess oil and sweat, it can also fix make up mistakes such as messy eyeliner, so ensure you have some blotting paper to hand.


Your lipstick will have to combat a lot throughout the day – after greeting everyone, eating and drinking, it’s likely you will need to reapply your lipstick throughout the day. Ensure you have the exact shade you are wearing to include in your bridal beauty kit.


Your blusher will give you a rosy look all day, have a spare pot to hand so you can top up your look throughout the day.


Eyeliner is likely to feature heavily in your bridal look so you may need to re-apply later on in the day, have an eyeliner to hand so you can easily re-line your eyes if needed.

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Asha x

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