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19 Jan 2015

9 Disney Princesses Styled as You Have Never Seen Them Before

by asha@hitched

If you are planning a fairytale wedding then why not be influenced by Disney princesses. We have fallen in love with this shoot featuring Disney princesses styled as Indian brides. Amrit Grewal – the Vancouver photographer behind the shoot – tells us more…

“Being a part of the Vancouver wedding industry, a common occurrence of themes are the various Disney princesses.” Amrit tells us.

“Jasmine Nijjar - the Marketing Manager for Wellgroomed Designs, an Indian couture bridal gallery - along with universal decor conceptualized this project with brides in mind. With a need to show how mainstream Disney can migrate into other ethnicities, Universal Decor and Wellgroomed built a theme that used each Disney princess movies as the inspiration all while integrating traditional Indian bridal wear.” Amrit continues.









Snow White

“We received an amazing response to the Disney project and we were so incredibly happy that it was all positive. There was finally a look that Indian brides could aspire to that worked with their ethnicity and as a team, we were extremely proud to have been able to provide that joy to them. The online response was absolutely amazing! I've been flooded with inquires about this project, so much that I'm unable to respond to them all!”

Asha x

Wedding vendor credits:

Locations: Dhaliwal Banquet Hall, Surrey, Hycroft Manor, Vancouver

Wardrobe – Well Groomed; Décor – Universal Décor Events; Director Jasmine Nijjar; Jewellery – High Heel Obsession; Photography – Amrit Photography; Makeup - Makeup Vibez by Ranjit Heer; Hair - Powder Room Studio, Glam By Sav. Iris Ciao.

Models: Michelle Senghera, Jasmeen Johal, Carly Pinchin, Rachel Deagon, Alisha Sidhu, Shirin Sharifikhah, Iris Ciao, Chanel Brar and Astra Pereira.

Publication: SouthAsianBrideMagazine.com.

And special thanks to Bora Yenal from Wise Cat Studio for the behind the scenes video.

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