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01 May 2015

Indian Bridal Jewelry

by asha@hitched

Have you picked your bridal jewelry yet? We share the meanings behind popular items of Indian bridal jewelry...


Payal are decorative bracelets traditionally worn around the bride's ankles - the noise they make as the bride walks is meant to announce her arrival at the home of the groom. Popular belief is that energy is not wasted as you walk around wearing these bracelets - instead it reverberates back into the body.


The bracelets and bangles worn around an Indian bride's wrists are an important symbol of marriage. Once married, the bride should continue to wear her bangles - which are usually gold or glass - as a good luck charm and a symbol of safety for her new husband.


This ornate belt is usually worn around the waistline of the bride's wedding outfit. Originally it was intended to hold the keys to the marital home, establishing the bride in her traditional role as the homekeeper. 


Made from pure gold, the haar is intricately decorated and very heavy! It is usually given to the bride to wear around her neck as a symbol of commitment and love by her groom.


A typical Hindi traditional, these silver bands are worn on the second toe of each foot. Toe rings are of great social significance to married Hindu women in India. It is also thought that the rings apply pressure to nerves linked to the reproductive system, keeping it balanced and healthy. 

Come back next week for even more bridal jewelry traditions!

Asha x

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Published 1 May 2015 14:03 by asha@hitched