5 bridal makeup tips for your wedding

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  • Posted: 4 Jul 2019 12:35

    5 bridal makeup tips for your wedding

    Your wedding day is one event where everything should be perfect. With your dreams and fantasies coming to life, it is easy to get worked up over tiny aspects. You could fuss over venues and plans, and so forth. What about looking at the best? You need not worry about that. The following bridal makeup tips will make you look breath-taking on the big day: 

    1) Cleanse the face: Brides tend to use bold and bright clours for their wedding ceremonies. To get a long-lasting look, you should start by cleansing the face. This ensures there are dirt and oil left on the face. 

    2) Base preparation: The bridal makeup begins by moisturising the face for a smooth appearance. Moisturise using your fingertips, rubbing in a circular motion. You could use a tinted moisturiser as well. 

    3) Face fix-up: Use a primer two minutes after moisturising. Equally, use a concealer to cover the blemishes or spots. Apply a foundation without SPF. And if you want glowing skin, use a high the highlighter on the higher planes of the face. 

    4) Bronzer tips: One uses bronzer to contour the face heavily. This way you look sharp in photographs as well. 

    5) Eyeshadow: Your bridal makeup is incomplete without those shiny and glimmer eyes. You could blend your eye makeup with the colour of lehenga too. Gold or peach pink shades are often used. 


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  • Posted: 7 Aug 2019 14:01

    Re: 5 bridal makeup tips for your wedding

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    Re: 5 bridal makeup tips for your wedding

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