Honeymoons in Antigua & Barbuda

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Antigua & Barbuda Overview

For couples that would like a honeymoon adventure that includes plenty of relaxation and enjoyment, Antigua may be the ideal destination. There are many wonderful adventures for all types of explorations and recreation that will please even the most discerning couples. From water activities, to luxury hotel resorts, Antigua is a destination to please.

A honeymoon in Antigua can be the perfect destination to make your dreams come true. The relaxed lifestyle is the ideal choice for honeymooners that aren’t in a hurry, and want to enjoy the pleasures of one another, the 365 beaches, the tastes of champagne, and magnificence of sunsets.  From snorkeling, to windsurfing, to scuba diving, to sailing, the water activities are grand. A honeymoon in Antigua can be an unforgettable experience of romance and pleasure.

Key Facts for Antigua & Barbuda

Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar & US Dollar

Capital: St. John's

Language: English

Flight time: 16 hours from Delhi

When to Honeymoon in Antigua & Barbuda

When to Go:  June to September are the hottest times of the year in Antigua.  Due to the Carnival during July and August, the summer months are quite busy.  However, November to April is considered the best time to travel to Antigua and its high season.

Flight Info: Several air carriers serve the route from India to Antigua.  Among the many airlines, Etihad Airways offers a flight from New Delhi to Antigua that takes about 40 hours with two stops.

Currency:  East Caribbean Dollar 

Average Temperatures (°C)

Average Daily Sunlight (hours)

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Getting Married in Antigua & Barbuda

Antigua is a place to indulge in the simple pleasures of life, and its romance of beauty can create a lifetime of memories. A destination wedding in Antigua can be a wonderful pick.  Antigua celebrates the Caribbean way of life with wonderful cuisine, magnificent greenery, rest and relaxation and attractions. There are stunning hotel resorts with views of the sea that seem endless and wonderful venues to host your wedding, all perfect for a grand occasion.

Marriage Requirements

Antigua & Barbuda

Couples traveling to Antigua to are not required to stay a minimum length of time.  To travel into Antigua you will need valid passports, original birth certificates and picture ID.  Both the bride and groom to be will need to attend the Ministry of Justice to complete an application form for a Marriage License and will need to sign a form to that they are indeed ”free to marry”.  The registration fee is US$40.  The cost of the marriage license is US$150.  A fee of US$50 for the marriage officer is also required.  Couples will also need two witnesses present at the ceremony.  To learn more please click HERE.