Honeymoons in Australia

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Australia Overview

Finding a honeymoon destination that suits the agenda for both bride and groom can be a challenge. Australia with its rugged terrain, simple pleasures, glorious luxuries and romantic escapes, as well as plenty of recreation can be the choice that fulfills each of your dreams. It is a land of adventure, relaxation, and luxurious venues to stay, and one that can create lifetime honeymoon memories.

Australia, with its savage beauty, dynamic cityscapes, and luxuries abound means a magnitude of emotions and options.  From mountain trails, to surf beaches, to reef dives, to ski slopes the adventures are endless. From home cooked barbecues, to koalas and crocodiles, to sunbaked open roads a honeymoon in Australia can create the dream of a lifetime and be the most romantic and adventurous place to start your union together. 

Key Facts for Australia

Currency: Australian Dollar

Capital: Canberra

Language: English

Flight time: 12 hours from Delhi

When to Honeymoon in Australia

When to go:  April through September is considered to be the best time to honeymoon to Australia.  During these months the temperatures are 66 degrees to 88 degrees, and rain is at a minimal.  June, July and August are the busiest tourist months. 

Flight Info:  Several flights fly from New Delhi to Australia. Thai Airways International offers a flight direct to Sydney that takes about 15 hours.   Singapore Airlines is another carrier that offers a flight that flies into Sydney with a duration of 17 hours.      

Currency:  AUD

Average Temperatures (°C)

Average Daily Sunlight (hours)

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Getting Married in Australia

In the land of bigger horizons, a wedding can be a stunning occasion. A destination wedding in Australia is the ideal spot to evoke the sentiment of the unity of your lives together. The landscapes are beautiful with lush greenery and savage beauty, the rainforest, beaches, and the outback. It is a fiery atmosphere where a bride and groom can fulfill all of their dreams.

Marriage Requirements


Australia has very liberal marriage laws, which makes it a great option in a destination wedding. To get married in Australia you need your passports and driver’s license or ID card, proof that you are single, divorced or widowed, be marrying the opposite sex as yourself, who is not a relative, be at least 18 years of age, and the marriage ceremony must be performed by an authorized marriage celebrant.  You will also need to complete a Notice of Intent to Marry, which must be performed at least 18 months in advance.    For more information please click HERE.

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