Honeymoons in Beijing

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Beijing Overview

A honeymoon in Beijing may be the diversity in a honeymoon that the two of you seek.  Beijing is a wonderful city with plenty of opportunities to explore the old and the new, with wonderful places to stay.  Honeymoon adventure should be an adventure that last a lifetime, so why not consider Beijing?

If you seek a splendidly different type of location for your honeymoon, a honeymoon in Beijing may be the place.  Beijing is vibrant and a bustling city with ancient ruins, modern amenities, and plenty of green areas for intimacy and romance.  It is a country that is magnificent in exotic scents and filled with romantic blooms.  There are plenty of wonderful places to stay in Beijing which can offer you the chance to celebrate your union of love, in the way that you’d like to, in destination that offers memories that last a lifetime.

Key Facts for Beijing

Currency: Yuan Renminbi

Language: Chinese

Flight time: 6 hours from Delhi

When to Honeymoon in Beijing

When to Go:  May, September and October are considered to be the best times of the month to visit.

Flight Info:  Several airliners serve the route from India and Beijing.  Air India, China Southern Airlines, Air China and Korean Air all offer flights from New Delhi.  Flight times vary, but average about7 hours.  

Currency:  Yuan Renminbi

Average Temperatures (°C)

Average Daily Sunlight (hours)

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Getting Married in Beijing

Beijing is a country that wonderfully combines the historic with the modern.  The land is one of romantic beauty, meaning, and memories that last a lifetime.  A destination wedding in Beijing offers many options for that magical moment whether in a stunning venue surrounded with natural beauty, sophisticated hotel, aroma filled garden, splendid villa, or even the shadow of the Great Wall.

Marriage Requirements


For couples who one is a resident in China or a citizen, it is not uncommon for their marriage to be held in the country.  Couples will be required to apply to their local civil affairs office with a complete marriage registration form and necessary documents which need to be translated into Chinese.  A certificate of marriageability will be required by the Chinese partner, birth certificate, health certificate, household registration book, and a letter from their parents which gives them permission to marry a foreigner.  The partner who is a Chinese resident will be required to provide their passport, health certificate, three photos of the couple together, certificate of marriage and registration fee.  Prior to your application being approved the marriage office will review the documents which takes about an hour.  A Marriage Certificate will then be issued.  To gather more information, please click HERE.