Honeymoons in Boston

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Boston Overview

The US can be a wonderful place to celebrate your honeymoon, and when you look for a city that will create the magic that honeymoons are made of, you might want to consider Boston.  Boston is a dynamic city with plenty of opportunity to relax and explore the excitement of the US.

A honeymoon in Boston is a wonderful place to start the beginning of a life of happily ever after.  Boston offers a myriad of sights and sounds and places to explore.  It is a city that is filled with adventure and interest for both the bride and groom.  There are some wonderful historical sites, romantic cruises, gardens, a famous harbor, and superb dining.  The beaches are fantastic, and you’ll find many wonderful five star hotels to lusciously serve you.

Key Facts for Boston

Currency: U.S Dollar

Language: English

Flight time: 14 hours from Delhi

When to Honeymoon in Boston

When to Go:  The best time to honeymoon to Boston is during the months of May to June and September to October, when the winter chill has worn off or yet to come, and the summer heat is not at its high points.

Flight Info:  Carriers that serve flights from India to Boston includes flights out of New Delhi from Turkish Airlines, Lufthansa, Jet Airways, Delta Airlines and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.  Flight time is about 20 hours depending on transfers.  

Currency:  US Dollar


Average Temperatures (°C)

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Getting Married in Boston

In one of America’s oldest cities, romance is not difficult to create.  A destination wedding in Boston is a wonderful mix of the past and the present that can etch a lifetime of memories of your special day.  Boston, Massachusetts is a dynamic city with rolling countryside, and a wonderful heritage that is felt in the city and people of the city’s spirit.  There are some fabulous places to wed, which include the Boston Harbour, churches, hotel resorts, gardens and beaches.

Marriage Requirements


To get married in Boston, you must obtain a marriage license no less than 30 days before you intend to wed.  You will need your passports, birth certificates and must provide them to the County Clerk’s Office in the area where you’ll wed.  You will be responsible for a $55 fee.  To gather more information, please click HERE.