Honeymoons in Cyprus

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Cyprus Overview

A honeymoon in Cyprus can be the destination that suits the two of you.  Cyprus offers wonderfully romantic venues that are the ideal setting for honeymoon bliss.  It is a land of wonderful amenities and landscapes that create an aroma that will be felt and remembered forever.

A honeymoon in Cyprus is a wonderful combination of sun and fun on an island that is filled with romance, beauty and adventure.  From luxurious Turkish Baths to the Akamas Peninsular to the untamed wilderness, the “Land of Love” is ideally made for newlyweds. 

Key Facts for Cyprus

Currency: Euro

Capital: Nicosia

Language: Greek and Turkish

Flight time: 5 hours from Delhi

When to Honeymoon in Cyprus

When to Go:  Cyprus experiences sunshine year round.  Mid May to mid-October are the summer months and can be quite hot, unless you visit the Troodos Mountains.  Early spring is a wonderful, lively time on the island as the temperatures are pleasant and the island is in bloom.  

Flight Info:  Several airlines fly from India to Cyprus.  Air India, Qatar Airways, and Emirates all offer flights from New Delhi that take about 12 hours.

Currency:  Euro

Average Temperatures (°C)

Average Daily Sunlight (hours)

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Getting Married in Cyprus

On the “Island of Love” nothing can be more memorable than a wedding celebration. With a stunning coastline, historical sights, gorgeous beaches, and fantastic nightlife, a destination wedding in Cyprus can be the ideal destination for both bride and groom.   Cyprus offers a wide choice of venues for brides and grooms to exchange their vows, including churches, golf clubs, yachts and five star resorts.

Marriage Requirements


To apply for your wedding application, you must do so in person to the Marriage Officer of your chosen region.  You must have three clear working days on the island before you can get married.  Once this is achieved you can apply for a Special License or you can wait until you have been on the island for over 15 working days and apply for an ordinary Marriage License.  You must have a passports valid for 10 years with no less than six months remaining on the passports, full birth certificates, affidavits to state you are free to marry, a Notice of Marriage and baptism certificate (if you will have a church wedding).  If you are widowed or divorced, you will also need to provide relevant papers.  The cost for a Marriage License is €282.  If you plan on a Catholic wedding, a civil ceremony must be performed first and the cost, including the priest, is €600.  The cost of Anglican weddings are €630 including a “Form B” and services of the priest.  To gather more information, please click HERE.