Honeymoons in Egypt

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Egypt Overview

A honeymoon in Egypt is not just one of spectacular history and culture, it is one that offers the setting for true romance.  A honeymoon should be a romantic adventure with plenty of memories that will last a lifetime.  Egypt can fulfill the ideal honeymoon dreams for both the bride and groom.

The ancient sands of Egypt can be the foundation of a beautiful beginning together.  A honeymoon in Egypt offers spectacular history, endless deserts, and oases of palm trees, and an array of adventure.  Egypt is a living museum filled with amazing things to do and see.  Egypt offers a magic as magnificent as new love and couples can find an array of accommodations to signify their celebration. 

Key Facts for Egypt

Currency: Egyptian Pound

Capital: Cairo

Language: Arabic

Flight time: 6 hours from Delhi

When to Honeymoon in Egypt

When to Go:  During the summer months, the temperatures are extremely hot.  Therefore, the best time to honeymoon to Egypt is during September to November or February to April. 

Flight Info:  From New Delhi, Emirates, Etihad Airways and Egyptair all serve the route to Egypt.  Flight times take about 24 hours with two stops.

Currency:   Egyptian Pound

Average Temperatures (°C)

Average Daily Sunlight (hours)

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Getting Married in Egypt

From bustling medieval bazaars filled with color and iconic pyramids, to modern coastal holiday resorts and busy cities, a destination wedding in Egypt can offers something for even the most discerning couples.  Egypt is a country rich in history and culture, diverse in landscapes, and offers plenty of places to relax and unwind, or venture into endless activity.  Whether you dream of a traditional wedding or a midnight wedding in the dessert, Egypt offers something for nearly every couple that will evoke the true sentiment of the marriage bond. 

Marriage Requirements


To wed in Egypt the process can take up to six days to sort out relevant paperwork once you arrive to in the country.  You will need to prove you and your spouse to be are free to marry.  This can be done at the Indian Embassy in Cairo.  Each party must have a passport valid for 10 years and birth certificates, along with an affidavit written in both English and Arabic.  Couples will need to present the affidavit to the Egyptian Ministry of Affairs to be legalised.  Once this is performed, the affidavit is valid for one month and needs to be presented to the Ministry of Justice where a civil ceremony can be performed.  Two male witnesses will also be needed.  Ceremonies are carried out in Arabic. To gather more information, please click HERE.

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