Honeymoons in Kenya

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Kenya Overview

The wonderful land of Kenya can be the ideal destination for the magnificent marvelous romantic retreat that newlyweds dream of.  Kenya is a fabulous land of culture and landscapes with wonderful history that can lead to a lifetime of magical memories as you embark on your new lives together.

Couples that choose to honeymoon in Kenya can express their love and devotion in a fabulously diverse mirage of landscapes.  Kenya is spectacular beauty of tribal villages, beaches, and cultures.  Relax under the stars in romantic seclusion or indulge in a frenzy of sightseeing and activity- there is no end to what you can enjoy in Kenya.  With clear reefs, coastal views, colored fish and safari adventures, the appeal of Kenya appeals to many brides and grooms, offering a lifetime of memories to cherish.

Key Facts for Kenya

Currency: Kenyan shilling

Capital: Nairobi

Language: Swahili

Flight time: 6 hours from Delhi

When to Honeymoon in Kenya

When to Go:  While the climate is comfortable year round in Kenya, July to February is one of the best times to honeymoon to Kenya, especially for couples who wish to adventure on a safari exploration.

Flight Info: Flights from Kenya Airways, Turkish Airlines, Emirates and Ethiopian Airlines all serve the route from New Delhi to Kenya.  Flight times vary, but on an average will take about 32.5 hours with two stops.

Currency:  Kenyan Shilling

Average Temperatures (°C)

Average Daily Sunlight (hours)

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Getting Married in Kenya

From the enchanting lakes fringed pink by flamingos on the Rift Valley floor to vivid aquamarine shades of the ocean, a destination wedding in Kenya can be the perfect setting for your wedding of a lifetime.  Kenya is an amazing country with traditional churches, the slopes of Mount Kenya, Safari Parks and other spectacular atmospheres to hold your wedding ceremony.  From exciting adventures to relaxation to a plethora of venues, Kenya is a land that can fulfill your dreams.

Marriage Requirements


There are a number of types of weddings that can be conducted in Kenya, but you will need to have the proper Marriage License and follow the Marriage Act rules.  For your marriage to be legally binding, a Special License from the Registrar of Marriages will need to be obtained. You’ll need to have valid passports and tourists visas along with your birth certificates.  Along with that you will need a sworn statement of your marital status.  If you or your spouse to be are divorced or widowed, you will need to ring you official papers that prove you are free to marry.  To gather more information, please click HERE.

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