Honeymoons in Mexico

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Mexico Overview

Mexico is a wonderful relaxed atmosphere that can be a honeymoon destination that offers both the bride and groom the romance, beauty and activity they want on their honeymoon.  The country is one with wonderful heritage and friendly smiles that welcomes newlyweds with many blessings as they embark in their lives together.

A honeymoon in Mexico is a cultural experience.  Mexico is a beautiful, relaxed country that is world famous for spicy cuisine and colorful people.  The country features fabulous beaches and crystal waters with some of the most stunning landscapes in the world, which are a true advantage to lovers in love, as they embark on their journey of happily ever after.   With bazaars and markets, mountains, water recreation, ancient ruins, and world class resorts, it is a fabulous honeymoon destination that can be a dream of a lifetime.

Key Facts for Mexico

Currency: Peso

Capita: Mexico City

Language: Spanish

Flight time: 17 hours from Delhi

When to Honeymoon in Mexico

When to Go:  The best time of the year to honeymoon is November.  The rainy season is over, and the scenery is lush and green and temperatures are pleasant.

Flight Info:  Several airlines fly from India to various cities in Mexico.  Among carriers that fly from New Delhi to Mexico you’ll find British Airways, United Airlines, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, American Airlines, and Emirates that offer flights that take about 27 hours.

Currency:  Peso

Average Temperatures (°C)

Average Daily Sunlight (hours)

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Honeymoon Tips and Articles

Getting Married in Mexico

 With spices and salsa, intoxicating tequila, warm inhabitants, beautiful beaches, and a laid back attitude, a destination wedding in Mexico can be a colorful event.  Mexico borders the southern United States and is a country that is diverse, not to mention filled with natural beauty, with areas such as the deserts of Sonoran and Chihuahua and the Yucatan peninsula. Mexico is a country with great traditions and culture that are highly respected, and one that offers a range of options to wed.

Marriage Requirements


The only legally binding ceremonies in Mexico are civil weddings.  However, religious ceremonies can take place after a civil ceremony.  There are no residency requirements for foreigners, but you will need to show proof of ID in the form of your passports, tourist visas, driving license, or birth certificates.  Blood tests are also required in all states and must be taken no less than three days before your ceremony.  Some states may also require x-ray plates.  You’ll need to have two to four witness that are over the age of 18.  You will need to apply for your Marriage License at an Oficina Del Registro, which are located throughout the country.  To gather more information, please click HERE.