Honeymoons in Oman

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Oman Overview

Finding a honeymoon destination that suits the two takes time.  A honeymoon adventure in Oman can be the adventure the two of you dream of.  It is a land of majestic and magic and one that the explorations and relaxations seem endless. 

A honeymoon in Oman could be that honeymoon of your dreams.  Oman is an adventure of wandering the capital, enjoying sundrenched beaches, hiking through the mountains and caves, and trekking the deserts.  It is an interesting land, and one that has plenty of culture, art, history and entertainment to keep you occupied- not to mention plenty of escapes for relaxation.  There are some wonderful places to explore, from beach side towns, to banana plantations and coconut groves to city highlights.  Whether you’d like a peaceful private villa or a five star hotel resort, Oman can help to create those magical moments that honeymoons are for.

Key Facts for Oman

Currency: Rial

Capital: Muscat

Language: Ababic

Flight time: 4 hours from Delhi

When to Honeymoon in Oman

When to Go:  October to March is the best time to honeymoon to Oman.

Flight Info:  Several carriers fly from India to Oman.  Qatar Airways offers flights from New Delhi which takes about 14 hours with one stop.

Currency:  Rial

Average Temperatures (°C)

Average Daily Sunlight (hours)

Honeymoon Tips and Articles

Getting Married in Oman

If you dream of a wedding abroad that includes 4 wheel driving, wild safaris, camping under the stars and desert camel treks, a destination wedding in Oman is the wonderful choice.  Oman is a land that is perfectly built with natural beauty and venues to explore the wonderful outdoors.  Oman offers stunning venues to hold your wedding ceremony that can create fantastic memories of wedding dreams come true. 

Marriage Requirements


To get married in Oman you will need to visit Al Khuwayr to register at the Department of Notary Public within 30 days of your marriage date.  You will need to complete an application form and marriage notification that can be obtained at the Ministry of Justice.  You will both also need valid passports, proof that you are free to marry, and full birth certificates.  To gather more information, click HERE.

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