Honeymoons in Turkey

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Turkey Overview

A honeymoon destination needs to be a destination that both the bride and groom look forward to.  There are so many wonderfully romantic spots in the world, and Turkey is a honeymoon destination that offers a unique blend of romance and beauty that make a honeymoon truly magical.

A honeymoon in Turkey offers simple pleasures of natural beauty, artistic landscapes and architect, and stunning scenery that only enhances the magic of the intimacy of your love.  Whether your dream is a foreign land to relax and unwind and experience its culture in matrimony bliss, or you seek adventure and recreation, Turkey can fulfill your dreams.  With spectacular places to stay and see, Turkey may be your place to celebrate your romance as husband and wife.

Key Facts for Turkey

Currency: Turkish Lira

Capital: Ankara

Language: Turkish

Flight time: 6 hours from Delhi

When to Honeymoon in Turkey

When to Go:  April to June or mid-September and October are considered to be the best months for a honeymoon in Turkey.  The crowds are fewer and the weather is warm.

Flight Info:  Several airlines serve the route from India to Turkey and back.  From New Delhi, you can expect to be offered flights from carriers such as Air India, Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Turkish Airlines.  Flight times take about 12 hours.   

Currency:  Turkish Lira

Average Temperatures (°C)

Average Daily Sunlight (hours)

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Getting Married in Turkey

 In a land of massive mountain ranges, vast open spaces, fertile valleys, and rugged coastline, a wedding can be a glorious event.  A destination wedding in Turkey offers the magic of sleepy villages, fast growing cities, seaside resorts, archaeological sites, fascinating history and beautiful beaches and bays.  Couples have a number of choices where they can exchange their wedding vows, with each being as enchanting as the first.

Marriage Requirements


Only civil ceremonies are recognized.  Couples do have the option of a religious ceremony once a civil service is performed.  You and your spouse to e will need a marriage petition, a certificate of capacity to marry, four photos of each of you and personal ID, including ID cards, valid passports and birth certificates.  To gather more information, please click HERE.