Architha & Vinod's Real Wedding

Architha & Vinod's Real Wedding - The Ceremonies

The Ceremonies

The couple had a Vedic Hindu ceremony. The pre-wedding ceremonies included:
Dev Karya: Offerings were made to Lord Ganesha. Turmeric paste was then applied to the groom and bride.
The Kashi Yatra: The groom is invited by the father of the bride to marry his daughter. Halfway the groom decides against this and the father of the bride woos the groom to revoke his decision with gifts of an umbrella, fruits and more. To this the groom successfully agrees to once again partake in the wedding. The Kashi yatra was symbolically performed, followed by a Mandap Puja and Var Puja.

On the wedding day the bride’s parents performed the Dhar Hedru Customs, the bride and groom hold cones made of betel leaves with coins placed in. Milk is poured into these cones by the guests and well-wishers and blessings are showered upon them on the success of their marriage. Followed by the thaali, offerings to the deities and the sacred Saptapadi Ceremony where the bride and groom take seven steps around the fire as husband and wife.

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Architha & Vinod's Real Wedding on 28 Apr 2013

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