Wedding Speech Delivery

Welcome to our speech delivery tips section. The delivery of your speech is very important in order to make your moment memorable for all the right reasons. Hitched has given a wide selection of useful tips that will help you improve the quality of your speech.

Read it or memorize it?

If you are able to memorize your entire speech and deliver without any mistakes, consider yourself very lucky! Naturally, memorizing it will mean your guests will be very impressed; however, this technique increases the chance of making a mistake. So what we at Hitched recommend is cutting down your speech and putting just the key points and words cue cards and reading from them instead. That way, you won’t suffer that moment of sheer panic when you realise you have forgotten a part of your speech.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Prepare for the big moment by practicing your speech as much as you can before the big day. Perhaps do a bit of research on body language to work out which facial expressions and movements to make at appropriate parts.

Slow Down

Going too fast can often ruin a great speech. Resist your instincts to hurry through and ‘get it over with’ as audiences will struggle to follow and won’t be able to respond in the right places, which is bound to make you even more nervous. Our best advice to you is to slow down and give audiences the opportunity to laugh at the appropriate places. Just relax and enjoy making your speech as this is your moment to shine and show what a fun and yet emotional person you are.

Body Language

Stand tall and be full of confidence. As long as you interact with your audience, keep eye contact and smile at all the guests, they will never be able to tell how nervous you really are!


We are sure that your speech has been put together to incorporate many laughs from the audience. This is your chance to show what a comedian you are and although some jokes may only be understood by some of the guests, hopefully most of them will fly. Perhaps to lighten the mood, tell audiences when they were supposed to laugh and only continue once they have, usually this works!


Interruptions should be a welcome gift to you as not only are they a sign that the audience is listening and enjoying, they give you a chance for an extra moments pause to gather yourself before continuing. Perhaps engage in some witty banter between you and the person who interrupted, this should definitely guarantee some laughs.


Try not to drink too much before your speech in the hope that it will relax you...a drunken speaker is never successful! Save the drink until after your speech is done