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anbujawahar/aj photography, Bangalore, India - Creative candid Wedding, Fine Portrait and destination photography

Weddings present a dramatic canvas against which I do what I like to do-photograph people.

While Indian weddings are lively, colourful and dramatic, they are also extremely complicated affairs. Large crowds milling about small spaces, even blocking out the couple; overdone decorations, clashing colours, bad lighting compounded by smoking fires, flocks of photographers (family, friends and hired guns) jostling for space, whimsical priests, piles of random objects scattered around, confusion over what is to be done, when and by whom— all make for high entertainment and challenge. 

My effort in such situations is to focus on the marriage taking place during the wedding-looking to capture precious moments as beautifully as I can; between the couple and around them, among the families, and in the numerous nuances that constitute the Indian wedding. Hoping to preserve the essence of those moments for future memories.

Anbujawahar Photography

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