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Thank you for taking the time to stop by. Ashok Roy has been creating images professionally for the last 11 years. He is based in New Delhi NCR region of India but his photo shoots have and continue to take him all over the world.

After completing his masters in Journalism he worked for a travel magazine, introduced India's first Ecommerce magazine and also worked for mainstream private TV news production house. But his true passion of travel and photography let him to the amazing world of cruise ships, where he not just indulged in his zest for travel but was also able to further his education and practice of photography. In his 11 years he has set foot on every continent on the globe except for Australia, seen fascinating places, beautiful countries and meet amazing people and recorded their countless moments of joy and togetherness. His experience on various cruise lines has not only shown him a vast array of different cultures and locales, but also has taught him that no matter how diverse we are, one common connection we share is the element of human spirit. The drive to capture this through the lens has led Ashok to hone his ability to provide a personal tough to each image he records.

The beauty of life's precious moments often lies in the spontaneity of joyful expression. Such expression is impossible to stage, and Ashok's modern style of creative wedding Photojournalism and attention to detail enables him to unobtrusively capture those moments, resulting in a personalized collection of memories that can be cherished forever.

Ashok and his team look forward to meeting you.

Ashok Roy of YorPhotograpy  does not want to miss a moment of your special day. Wedding day coverage begins with the bride getting ready, and ends with the newlyweds leaving the house .

With more than 12 years of professional photographic experience, Ashok is passionate about capturing wedding memories for couples. His modern style of creative wedding photojournalism and attention to detail enable him to unobtrusively capture life's precious moments, resulting in a personalized wedding collection that can be cherished forever.

These collections include complete coverage of the wedding day, an engagement photo shoot, unlimited number of images, an online gallery to share with family and friends, and high-resolution images on DVD. Custom packages designed to your specifications are also available.

"An engagement session is included in all of my wedding collections," ROY says. "It gives me an opportunity to know the bride and groom and for them to get to know me, so everyone is completely comfortable."

YOR Photography's comprehensive website includes portfolios that illustrat a couple's romance blossoming into marriage, from the "e-session" (engagement photographs), to the moments preceding the ceremony, and following through all the joyous moments of the wedding day.

"The only posed photos of the day are family group shots and some shots of the bride and groom," Sundaram explains. "The rest of the time, I'm just capturing everything as it happens. I never tire of documenting the excitement and emotion of a wedding day and then creating a one-of-a-kind wedding album for the bride and groom to enjoy for years to come."


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