Beat the Heat at Your Wedding

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Throughout your wedding, you want to be sure your wedding hair and makeup look immaculate. To help you beat the heat, we've collated some top tips to ensure you stay cool throughout your wedding celebration.

Beat the heat

Wear Lightweight Wedding Attire

What you wear will have an impact on how you’ll feel throughout the day when it comes to the heat outside. A saree designed with a heavier material is probably not the best idea if you’re getting married outside or in the prime summer months, so consider choosing a lighter weight material. This will not only make you feel more comfortable, but it won’t be so clingy on your body, giving you more flexibility throughout the celebration whilst dancing and mingling with friends and family. The same goes for the groom; choosing a wedding outfit with a light weight material could be beneficial in the long run.

Think About Your Bridal Beauty

If you plan on wearing a lot of makeup at your wedding then consider asking your makeup artist to use a waterproof or lighter weight type of makeup, so that you don’t run the risk of spoiling your bridal beauty throughout the day. Extreme heat can melt makeup, especially mascara, so be conscious about your wedding makeup in advance, and be sure to discuss different options with your makeup artist before your wedding.

Consider Your Hair

Your chosen hairstyle should be able to last all day long. A up-do will mean your hair is off your face and you won’t need to think about it all day. If you would still prefer your hair down then gentle waves will look beautiful and will be easy to maintain in the hot climate.

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