Bridal Beauty Must Haves

Be a beautiful bride with these handy tips


Every bride wants to look beautiful for her wedding, so many invest in makeup artists or rely on trusted friends to create stunning looks. However, your wedding makeup expert may not be on hand throughout the day, so it’s important to have your own bridal beauty kit to see you through. Here at, we’ve compiled a list of the must have beauty items to keep in your makeup bag for your wedding.

Beauty must haves


The heat and the nerves can cause you to perspire more than usual, so keep a deodorant to hand in case you feel a little damp.


Scent fades throughout the day, so a bottle of perfume or body spray can be handy for touch ups to keep you feeling fresh and fragrant.

Translucent Powder

A dusting of translucent powder helps to keep your makeup looking matte and in place, as it removes any unsightly shiny patches. Powder will also help keep you photo ready!


Touch up any slips or smudges as the day goes on with a concealer. Match it to the one your makeup artist used in the first place to avoid obvious looking streaks.


Whether you prefer blush or bronzer to add color to your cheeks and contours to your face, make sure you have one in your makeup bag to top up that radiant glow!

Eyeliner, Shadow and Mascara

Your wedding is an emotional time, and you may shed a tear. Keep your eyes looking fresh and dramatic by touching up your mascara and eyeliner if it runs or smudges. If you are wearing a bright shadow on your eyes you can keep a pot of this handy too.


Don’t undo all your hair stylist’s hard work. A can of hairspray in your makeup bag will ensure your hair stays in place, even as you’re hugged by your guests and dancing for hours.

Lip Gloss

A slick of lip gloss or lipstick freshens up your whole mouth. When you’re talking, eating and drinking, it can wear off easily, so have something with you so you can keep your smile looking perfect.

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