Our Top 10 Tips for Your Bridal Henna

Perfecting your bridal henna


According to superstition, the darker your bridal henna the more your new mother-in-law loves you. Your bridal henna should come through as a deep maroon color and the best way to have your henna looking perfect is to prepare beforehand and also to take care of your henna once it has been applied. Read our top 10 tips here...

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Apply 48 Hours Before Your Wedding

Have your bridal henna applied 48 hours before your wedding in a friendly and relaxed environment so that you feel completely at ease and not at all rushed.

Be Prepared

Have any pedicures or manicures done before you have your bridal henna applied as you need to avoid having your hands and feet coming into contact with water once the henna is applied.

Dab with Lemon Juice, Water and Sugar

As the henna paste begins to dry, use cotton wool to dab a mixture of lemon juice, sugar and water onto the henna. By doing this the paste will stick to your skin even further and develop a darker color.

Be careful

Once the henna paste is applied and dry, ensure you don’t bend your hands, wrists or feet too much as the henna can easily smudge when it is first applied.

Wrap in Cling Film

To protect the henna paste while you sleep, wrap your hands and feet in cling film to help protect it.

Keep Warm

Keeping your hands and feet warm will help the henna color to develop but remember to still be gentle with your hands and feet until the paste is completely dry.

Avoid Water

Avoid contact with water as much as you can, especially when the henna paste is still on your hands.

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Remove Carefully

Having left the henna paste on for at least 6 hours, remove the paste by brushing it off gently. When all the paste is removed, you can rinse your hands with water but don’t use any soap.

Apply Deep Heat

Once the henna is removed apply a deep heat cream all over the henna, then put a pan on the stock with 3 whole cloves in, as the pan starts to heat up hover your hands over the top and the heat and aroma will help the henna color deepen.

Avoid Soap and Chemicals

For the next two days before your wedding avoid doing things like washing your hair and doing the dishes as this contact with cleaning products and water can cause the henna to fade.

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