Deciding Your Wedding Budget

Getting yourselves organized


When it comes to calculating your wedding budget, you have a lot of factors to consider – pre and post wedding celebrations, numerous outfits, food and more can quickly add up. So before you begin planning your wedding, start by working out how much you are able to spend and what your wedding budget is going to be.

Budget Planning

Getting Started

Begin by speaking to those who will be contributing to the wedding, speak with your parents and the groom’s parents to work out the amount you are able to spend and who will be paying for what at the wedding. Once you have talked through the expenses and know what you are able to spend then you can all look towards planning this momentous occasion.

Keeping Track

When your budget is set, tools such as the budget planner are a great way to divide up the budget so you can estimate what you will spend on each part of your wedding. As well as adding in your spending estimations, you can then also fill in the actual amount you are spending and keep track of where you are over and under budget.


As you begin to speak with wedding vendors and service providers, see if there is room to negotiate, look out for special deals and if you are buying something in bulk then always see if there is room for a discount. By using your negotiating skills with each vendor, you should be able to maximise that wedding budget.

Remember What’s Important

If you are on a limited budget then do remember that the most important part of your day will be spending it with your loved ones. If everything isn’t quite how you pictured it, the happiness and joy you get by being surrounded by all your family and friends will be more than enough to make you forget the things your budget didn’t allow. If you have some things your heart is set on then try and compromise on areas less important to you both.

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