Planning Your Wedding Decor on a Budget

Beauty that doesn’t break the bank


It is possible to decorate your wedding on a budget, and have it looking breathtakingly beautiful too. We’ve come up with five budget benefitting wedding décor ideas that will make your wedding look wonderful, without costing a fortune...

The Venue

It’s where the spending really begins, but if you choose wisely, you’ll pick a venue that is beautiful by itself. That means that it won’t need much added to it in terms of wedding décor, saving you money.


Paper lanterns, candles and tea lights will all add a glamorous and warm vibe to your wedding, whilst giving off a gentle, romantic glow. Dot them around the room to save money on your wedding décor.



You can’t have a wedding without flowers, but that doesn’t mean you have to fork out thousands for them. Make sure you order seasonal blooms to keep costs down, or consider faux flowers, which are often cheaper than fresh as well as being more adaptable and durable.


Inventive Centerpieces

Decorate your tables with creative centerpieces that look amazing but are totally affordable. Bowls of colorful fruits, wildflowers or a cluster of candles will all look amazing at your reception. You could also float candles in bowls of colored water for a vibrant look.


Buy a cheap but pretty looking length of fabric and use it to drape and decorate. It can hide unsightly walls, swag around doors and add a luxe, high end feel to your venue, no matter what your budget.

Why not make the most of your wedding budget and use our budget planner to track your spending.


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