5 Questions for Your Cake Maker

What you need to know about your wedding cake


When choosing your wedding cake, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the different styles, tastes and designs on display. It’s important to decide what style of cake you want — whether it’s a traditional tiered wedding cake or a tower of cupcakes — and then find a cake maker who can create the wedding cake you’re dreaming of.

Wedding Cake

To make sure you and your cake maker are on the same page, we’ve come up with five top questions to ask them:

1. Ask to See Samples of Their Work

Make sure your cake maker can deliver what they promise. Ask to see a portfolio of images, and look for display cakes in their store. A good cake maker may also have positive testimonials in a comments book or on their website. Make sure you’re confident they’re capable of the cake you want.

2. Taste It!

You try on clothes before you buy them, you test drive a car, so why not try your wedding cake before you buy it? Ask your cake maker to provide you with samples so you can see what the flavors taste like, how moist the sponge is, and how well it works with your choice of frosting.

3. Ask About Times

If you want an elaborate, sculpted cake, ask your cake maker how long it will take to create that. You need to leave enough time between ordering your wedding cake and your wedding day so that your cake maker has time to create it properly.

4. Set Up Questions

Will your cake maker transport your wedding cake to your wedding, or do you have to do that yourself? Do you need cake stands? Does the cake need to be kept at a certain temperature? There’s more than one question here, but make sure you know how your cake is getting to your wedding, how it will be set up and if there are any important preservation rules to follow.

5. Extra Costs

Some cake makers hire out cake stands to display your cake, at an additional cost. Find out how much these extras will cost and whether you’ll need them. You also need to consider cake boxes or bags if you plan to give your guests cake to take home.

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