Stylish Wedding Cake Designs

Stand out with a stylish wedding cake


A wedding cake really adds to the sense of occasion at a wedding. Although not traditionally a component of an Indian wedding, they are becoming more and more popular.

Wedding Cake

A wedding cake is an excellent way to combine your décor with your catering — a talented cake maker will be able to create a wonderful design that incorporates the colors and styles at your wedding in an eye catching (and delicious) way.

You can opt for a grand cake made up of several tiers, which you and your groom can cut into and have served to your guests, or for a different take on wedding cakes you could have a tower of cupcakes displayed at your wedding. These can be decorated in a range of colors and flavors, and guests can help themselves to the sweet treats.

It’s a good idea to collect images of cakes you like before you visit the cake maker you’re considering using, so you can give them visual examples of what you’re looking for. A good cake maker will also be able to show you samples and images of previous work. They also usually allow you to taste some samples to help you decide on a flavor. If you can’t pick just one, you could have a different flavor for each tier of your wedding cake.

Wedding Cake

Don’t be afraid to visit a range of cake makers — everyone has different skills and talents, so each one will present your ideas in a different way. Pick one you trust and who has a range of work you admire.

Make sure your wedding cake won’t melt in the heat and that you are sure it can be delivered safely to your ceremony, where it can take pride of place at your wedding! Your cake maker should be able to advise you on how best to avoid damaging your cake and how to set it up correctly.

For wedding cake ideas and inspiration visit our cake gallery.


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