Vibrant Wedding Cakes

5 decadent wedding cakes


Pick a creative and colorful cake for your wedding! Wedding cakes are becoming more and more popular and they are a great way to make a statement at your reception. We’ve picked out five of the most vibrant and decadent wedding cakes to inspire you…

Orange and White Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

The plain white wedding cake can be updated by adding an intricate design in a bright color. Orange, mendhi inspired decoration on this cake adds personality and interest to a basic design. Use your own mendhi designs to create a cake design that complements your body art.

Creative Cupcakes

Wedding Cake

Cupcakes are a modern take on the typical wedding cake. They’re cute and delicious, and can be display in a range of colors and flavors. These sweet cupcakes feature an elegant lotus flower design, making them a good choice if you plan on including those flowers in your wedding décor.

Glamorous Gold

Wedding Cake

Golden detail adds decadence to an otherwise simple looking cake. Edible gold spray can be used to glamorize your cake, or golden decorative items can be added on afterwards for a rich and sophisticated look.

Delicious Chocolate

Wedding Cake

Chocolate cake is a favorite flavor for many, and makes for a delicious wedding cake. The rich brown color of the cake also works well with many other colors in terms of décor. This rich chocolate cake is completed with elegant, swirling purple icing for a creative and intricate finish.

Romantic Red

Wedding Cake

Pick a red wedding cake to go with your traditional wedding colors, and either leave it as a block color for a simple statement, or enhance it with lots of gold detailing and flowers. Your guests will be amazed by your bold and beautiful wedding cake.

Browse our wedding cake inspiration gallery for even more wedding cake ideas.


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