A Guide to Christian Weddings

Wedding traditions and rituals


Although rare in India, Christian weddings are a spectacular occasion and involve many rituals and traditions.

Christian Wedding

Before the wedding

Before the wedding the couple will attend a pre-marriage course, talking with their church about their views on life and listening to teachings from the Bible. This helps to prepare the couple for married life and ensure they both go into the marriage with the same expectations.

The wedding ceremony

On the wedding day, the bride will arrive last to the church and the best man will be there to greet her and hand her a bouquet of flowers. The bride will then begin to walk down the aisle, arm in arm with her father.

The wedding mass with then begin, with hymns being sung and readings from the Bible being told. It is then time for the nuptials, where the priest will read the wedding vows for the bride and groom to repeat back. The final part of the wedding vows is when the couple hold hands and solemnly promise to spend the rest of their lives together. The couple will then exchange rings that will be an everlasting symbol of this promise. The couple will then be announced husband and wife and the couple sign a document, signalling that the wedding ceremony is legal and official. The couple then walk arm in arm back down the aisle, now as husband and wife.

The wedding reception

At a Christian wedding, the wedding ceremony is immediately after the wedding ceremony. There is a wedding breakfast and then there is the cutting of the wedding cake, the couple traditionally feed each other the first slice and then share the rest with their wedding guests. After the meal there is music and celebrating that goes on into the evening.

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