Everything You Need to Know About Wedding Fireworks

Wow your guests with an incredible fireworks display


If you’re looking for a way to entertain and impress your wedding guests, then why not hire a company to put on a fantastic display of fireworks.

Wedding Fireworks

A fireworks display at a wedding can be a wonderful surprise for your guests and will be the talking point of your wedding for weeks. If you are considering having a fireworks display at your wedding then it is advisable to include this in your wedding budget from the beginning, as they can be quite costly, depending on how lavish you want them to be. You’ll also need to check with your wedding venue to make sure that a fireworks display is permitted.

Generally an outdoor fireworks display would last for around 10-15 minutes, and would only be done if the weather is dry. You’d also need to plan your wedding reception around your fireworks display, allowing time for your guests to watch them before moving on to the next part of your evening or entertainment line up.

Some professional firework companies may be able to provide your guests with a physical show featuring professional and talented actors. If your venue has a stage then it may be worth looking into getting a firework company to put on a performance for your guests to enjoy either during your reception or between different sections of your celebrations. Indoor fireworks are becoming increasingly popular and will grab your guest’s attention to the full.

If you’re looking to give your husband or wife a wedding present to remember then a fireworks display could be the ultimate gift. Speak to your venue and the fireworks vendors ahead of time in order to make sure that everything goes to plan if this is going to be a surprise, and be sure to let your wedding photographer know ahead of time so that he or she can be prepared to take some magical photographs.

Firework companies have evolved over the years and can now tailor a fireworks display to your own personal style and taste. You could coordinate the colors of a wedding firework display with your overall color scheme, or you can speak to the vendor about unique fireworks such as the shape of a heart or your names being shot into the sky. A fireworks display is the ultimate way to wow your guests and end a wonderful week of wedding celebrations.

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