How to Keep Your Wedding Guests Entertained

Keep the party going!


Make sure your guests don’t stop partying by including a variety of entertainment at your wedding. A good DJ or band, prepped with a list of wedding music you know your guests will want to hear, will help to keep them dancing the night away.

Fruit Display

Provide a plethora of delicious drinks so your guests can try lots of different flavors as well as staying hydrated whilst they party. Also make sure there is food available for guests to pick at throughout the evening, should they get hungry. A nice fruit platter would be refreshing, or think about setting up a candy bar for a naughtier selection of treats.


Set up a photo booth with a dress up box so your guests can have fun taking silly photos of themselves — all you need is a wall with a square cut out for them to pose through. Hiring a magician or a tarot reader would also thrill your guests and give them something to do if they’re not the dancing kind.

You could supply games for your guests — quizzes and other fun interactive games will get your guests mingling and talking, which is ideal if you want to break the ice between families!

There are lots of ways to make sure your guests keep having fun at your wedding, but make sure you’re not so concerned about this that you forget to have fun yourself! Your guests will enjoy spending time with the happy couple, so focus on enjoying yourself and the rest will follow.

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