How to Make Your Wedding Party Stand Out

Have the party to end all parties!


Everyone wants their wedding to be one to remember, as it’s such a special day. We’ve come up with five fun ways to make sure your guests will never forget your wedding party.

Stand Out


Whether you have a band or a DJ playing the tunes at the wedding party, it’s important to make sure they’re a good one. A good DJ or band will be able to judge the atmosphere and play music that is appropriate. Giving them a list of music you like and know your guests will like ahead of the party is a good idea too.


Arrange a performance or a special choreographed dance for your guests. It’s up to you whether you hire performers or come up with it yourself! You could recreate the moment you met your husband, if it’s a romantic story, or re-enact a classic tale.


Hire a magician or a tarot reader to enthral your guests. They can perform mind boggling tricks, or reveal mysterious information about your guests which will leave them open-mouthed in wonder.


Stand Out

A towering wedding cake, a table covered in sweet treats or a chocolate fountain with a platter of fresh fruits alongside it will all get your guests' mouths watering. If you spoil them with delicious goodies, they’ll remember it for all the right reasons!


Arrange for an elaborate firework display to mark the occasion. Light up the night sky with jewel colored flashes and sparkles, to dazzle your guests.

There are lots of wonderful ways to make your wedding one to remember, so be sure to ask your venue what previous wedding parties have done too for even more inspiration.

For more entertainment ideas take a look at our planning articles.


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