Decorating Your Mandap

What to consider when decorating your mandap


When it comes to decorating your wedding mandap you will be spoiled for choice, whether you want something simple and elegant or an elaborate display, you will find the perfect style for your wedding.


When choosing your wedding mandap think about the size of your wedding venue. You don’t want your wedding mandap to be so small that it looks insignificant, but you also don’t want it so big that it’s taking up too much space in your venue.

Also think about how much space is inside your wedding mandap. You will need to think about space for you both as a couple, for your priest, your holy fire and other things needed during the wedding rituals and also you may want room for your photographer and videographer.

Have your wedding mandap stand out by decorating it beautifully with flowers. If you want to keep the style simple then you could have beautiful blooms training down each of the pillars and continue this floral style with your other wedding flowers. Alternatively you might want to have a more elaborate design with colors and shapes being created with all different flowers. An elaborately decorated mandap can take up a good proportion of your wedding budget so take to your vendors about what they are able to provide and at what cost before your decide how much decoration is needed.

Take a look at more ideas for your wedding décor in our wedding decoration inspiration gallery.


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