Floral Centerpiece Ideas

Creative ideas for your table decorations


Flowers are synonymous with many weddings, and make up a crucial part of the wedding décor. You could surprise and delight the guests at your wedding by presenting your floral centerpieces in a variety of different ways for a quirky twist. Take a look at some of our favorite ideas for your wedding flowers.

Buckets, Pails and Plant Pots


Go for a natural, rustic looking form of presentation by displaying your flowers in shining silver pails or terracotta plant pots. This innovative way of presenting flowers truly brings the feeling of a garden to your wedding.

Edible Flowers


They look good enough to eat – and they are! Cupcakes iced and presented to look like flowers are a fun and fabulous way to brighten up your wedding tables, whilst performing two jobs in one. Your tables look pretty and your guests can help themselves to a sweet treat!

Elaborate Vases


These elephant shaped vases are a great way to add interest to your wedding tables. By presenting your flowery centerpieces in shaped vases, you add a theme and your own personality to your wedding.

Modern Style


See through, glass vases in angular shapes add a touch of modernity to your wedding décor. If you present your floral centerpieces in bold, cutting edge tableware you’re guaranteed to have unique décor. This works well if your wedding venue is quite contemporary.

Watery Ways


Floating your flowers in bowls of water is a great and different way to incorporate flowers on your wedding tables. Line the bottom of the bowls with pretty pebbles, shells or glass beads, and float flowers and candles on the top for a romantic look.

Take a look at more ideas for your wedding flowers in our inspiration gallery.


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