The Importance of Flowers in Your Bridal Hairstyle

Including flowers in your wedding day style


Whether you want bright, colorful wedding flowers woven into your wedding hairstyle or gajras surrounding your shoulders, your bridal look is only truly complete once you are adorned with beautiful flowers.

Wedding Hair

Flowers are a feminine and pretty addition to any bride’s wedding day look, and are easier on the budget than extra jewelry. Flowers are also a symbol of happiness after marriage to, so incorporating them into your look can only be a good thing.

It’s a great way to look natural and demure, whilst still feeling dressed up and decorated, and with such a range of flowers to choose from, you’re guaranteed to have a unique look. If you want an intricate hairstyle with flowers woven in, speak to your hair dresser or stylist before the wedding and take some images and ideas. They’ll be able to try out looks on you and explain ways to make your vision work.

Speak to your florist about a more simple hair crown or halo made of flowers, and they should be able to create something beautiful for you. If you want fresh flowers in your bridal hairstyle, this would be the best way to incorporate them — imagine the scent wafting around you as you walk down the aisle! If your hairstyle is more complicated, then artificial flowers are more durable and adaptable.

Whatever flowers you choose to include in your wedding hairstyle, make sure you try it out ahead of the day, and be sure to check the flowers are readily available at the time of your wedding.


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