How to Choose Your Wedding Invitations

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Your wedding invitation is one of the first parts of your wedding that your guests will get to see, so making sure you choose something lovely and memorable is important. There are hundreds of different wedding invitation options available these days, but as a couple you’ll soon figure out what is right for you, and the style of your wedding.

Wedding Invitation

Think about choosing wedding invitations that match your wedding color scheme, and if you’re having a certain theme to your day then could this also be incorporated into your wedding invitations? Below is a breakdown of the options that are available to you:

Speak to a Professional

If you’re planning a huge wedding and creating your own wedding stationery is going to be too much of a task, on top of all of your other jobs, then why not speak to a stationery designer. A stationery designer will know exactly how to guide you in terms of price, quality and quantity, and they’ll take care of the wording, and all of the extras that you’ll need in order to make sure that everything is in order and matching. Ordering stationery this way for so many people may be costly, but could be worth it if you have a lot of other plans to take care of.

Hand-make Your Own

If you are the creative type or you have a member of your family that is happy to help you, then why not consider making your own wedding stationery. You’ll have to be very organized, but making your own wedding stationery could add a personal touch to your day, and your friends and family will love what they receive in the post.

Personalized Invitations

If you have shared a relationship for a long time and have a collection of lovely photographs together then why not spread the word about your wedding celebration on personalized wedding invitations. There are a number of online resources that should be able to help you design and create wonderful wedding stationery, and whilst you’re creating your invitations, think about personalizing RSVP cards, thank you cards, menus and direction cards at the same time, in the same print.


If your friends and family are up to scratch when it comes to technology then why not save money on postage and time by sending an invitation online. E-vites are the latest craze when it comes to sending out an invitation, and your guests won’t even have the opportunity to lose your wedding invitation. This form of invitation is clever, fast and will give your guests the opportunity to reply instantly.

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