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Wedding cards with style


Your wedding cards are so important, as they give your guests the first hints about your wedding to come. Not only do they provide key information such as the location, time and date, but the style of your wedding invites gives away a lot about your wedding style.

We’ve picked out five stylish stationery ideas for you to give the very best impressions with.

Glamorous Gold

Wedding Invitation

Gold is a color that has long been associated with luxury and decadence. Get your guests geared up for your elegant and glamorous wedding by sending them a wedding card with lots of gold detailing.

Floral Touches

Wedding Invitation

Wow your guests with 3D floral detailing on your wedding invite. If they know you’ve spent time and effort just to have perfectly decorated wedding cards, they know your wedding will be even more decorated and beautiful.

Fun Textures

Wedding Invitation

A wedding card made from a textured material looks more expensive than one printed on plain, smooth card. If you send your guests a glossy, richly textured wedding card, they’ll know your wedding is going to be lavish affair!

Fabulous Fabric

Wedding Invitation

A wedding invite with lots of fabric detailing will stand out in your guests’ minds. They’ll remember feeling the delicate material when they received the card, which means your wedding date is more likely to stay in their mind!

Party Puzzles

Wedding Invitation

Get your guests in the party mood by sending your wedding cards in the form of a fun puzzle for them to unfold, or a quiz. They’ll be excited for your wedding as they’ll be expecting a good party with lots of playful details.

See more ideas for wedding cards in our gallery.


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