Unusual Wedding Stationery

Wedding cards that stand out


Many wedding cards are quite functional and impersonal. Add some personality to your wedding invitations by thinking outside the box and sending something unusual to surprise your guests.

Invitation Ideas

You could print your wedding invite details on the back of a fun quiz about you and your husband to be, or add a riddle for your guests to puzzle over. Hand decorating your stationery is also a nice touch, it shows you’ve spent time and care when it comes to creating the wedding cards.

If you want something really unusual, why not fold your invites into origami shapes? A crane or paper flower which unfolds into a wedding card is a really fun and thoughtful way to share your wedding news.

Consider presenting your wedding information on a fridge magnet or a small picture, which the guests can keep as a souvenir and a reminder of your upcoming ceremony. If you want something they’ll really enjoy and treasure, why not create a photo montage on DVD, including all the wedding details and send it on to everyone? Similarly you could film a DVD where you and your future husband share the wedding news as though you’re talking directly to your guests. This is a very unusual way to share the news!

No matter how you decide to invite your guests to your wedding, if you include some handmade touches your guests will feel honored that you have taken the time to think of them and extend an invitation to your wedding celebrations.

If you are looking for ideas for your wedding cards take a look at our wedding invitation gallery.


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