Writing Your Wedding Invitations

Hints and tips on the most important things to remember when writing and wording wedding invitations


When sending a wedding invitation it needs to be clear as to who the invitation is coming from, and who the invitation is being sent to. Traditionally, the bride and her family will send out invitations to their friends and family, and the groom, along with his family will send their own wedding invitations.

Wedding Invitation

When creating your invitations, the locations, dates and times should be featured, not forgetting the contact details of who your guests can contact if they need to. You may also wish to list a wedding website that may provide the guest with more information about the wedding. Your wedding celebration may spread over several days, so making sure that your guest is clear of what occasion falls when, and what time is key.

Making a mistake on your wedding invitations could be costly — especially seeing as you could potentially be ordering hundreds. Be sure to check that you’re happy with all of the spellings and order of your wedding invitations before they are sent off to be printed. Think about printing wedding envelopes at the same time, to save you time, and don’t forget to include directions or any other important documentation that your guests may need in order to find your wedding. You may wish to order wedding thank you cards, for after your special day too, so think about ordering all of your stationery through a single supplier in order to save yourself time.

Take a look at our wedding invitation gallery for more ideas for your own invites.


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