Reasons to Plan a Small Wedding

Ideas on why having a small wedding celebration could be a good idea


If you’re worried about your wedding budget, or you aren’t a fan of being the center of attention, then why not consider having a small wedding celebration. You can create a truly beautiful small wedding celebration with close family members and friends if you’re working towards a small wedding budget, or you could splash the cash and have an incredible small wedding with memories to savor forever.

Small Weddings

Deciding whether or not to have a small wedding should be at the top of your wedding to-do list as it should determine how the rest of your wedding plans flow. Although an intimate wedding will still require the same amount of planning as a larger wedding, there tends to be less to arrange due to the size of the guest list. For example, you wouldn’t require a huge stationery order, your cake only needs to be big enough to serve a select few and your wedding décor wouldn’t need to be ordered in bulk. Considering planning a small wedding is also a good idea if you want to get married in a hurry and don’t have enough time to plan a huge event.

A smaller wedding could allow you to have a more relaxed event. You might be able to have your wedding in a venue that specifically doesn’t cater for a large number of guests, and you can speak to them on a more personal basis when it comes to planning your intimate event. A smaller venue means that you’ll be able to have a very personal ceremony that everyone should be able to hear, and your photography would get to include all of your guests, as opposed to a random handful of guests that happened to be close enough to you at the time.

If you’re worried about your wedding budget then a small wedding could be your answer. A small wedding wouldn’t cost half as much as a wedding for several hundred guests would — and perhaps you could spend the money that you would have spent on your wedding on something else like an amazing honeymoon or a deposit on a house; alternatively you could keep it as a nest egg for your future. You may also be able to spread your budget further. If you love beautiful food then why consider serving a five or seven course meal, or dedicate a little more of your wedding budget to lavish wedding décor or an exquisite saree.

A small wedding could also mean that you’ll get the chance to celebrate your wedding over and over again with different friends and family who aren’t going to be invited to your main wedding, after your official wedding celebration. You can spend the first year of your marriage celebrating with friends and it will be a great excuse to get your wedding photographs out as well.

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