Unusual Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Make your wedding décor stand out with these quirky ideas


Most of your guests will expect to see a range of floral displays decorating the tables at your wedding reception. Surprise them by choosing something a little different to make sure your wedding décor really stands out. We’ve come up with five ideas for unusual wedding centerpieces to wow your guests with.



Fruit is a versatile item to include in your wedding centerpieces and creates a great visual effect. You can pile brightly colored citrus fruits such as lemons, limes and oranges into bowls for a great look with minimum effort, or have fruit carved into decorative pieces for a really striking look!



Get your guests’ mouths watering by displaying delicious cakes as the centerpieces on your wedding tables. This cake can be in place of the traditional wedding cake, and could be cut up so your guests can enjoy it for dessert. A different cake on each table could get them mingling to try different flavors!



For a real wedding reception with a difference, why not present food in the center of your wedding tables? It’s more practical than flowers, and will stop your guests queuing up for food if you have buffet style catering, or waiting for their dishes to be served to them.



If you want a romantic and relaxed vibe at your wedding reception, decorate your reception tables with gleaming candelabras or clusters of candles to set off a warm glow. Tea lights are a pretty way to decorate reception tables and they’re very affordable too!



Add a more personal touch to your wedding reception tables by using photos as your centerpieces. You could pick a range of photos of you and your other half together, or pick out a range of photos showing you both as you grew up until today. Images of loved ones and friends who can’t attend can be used as well as a nice way to include them.

Find more usual centerpieces in our wedding decoration gallery.


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