5 Questions to Ask Your Photographer Before You Book

Ask the right questions


Your wedding photographs will last a lifetime so you want them to be just right. Before you choose your wedding photographer, take the time to research, if you find a photographer you like then take a look through examples of their work and weddings they have worked on to help you gauge the style and see if it suits you. Before booking your wedding photographer also make sure you ask all the right questions, some of these include:


What Do I Get for My Money?

The majority of wedding photographers will have a variety of packages on offer that will vary in details such as how many photographs they will take, the amount of time that will be spent at the wedding and the number of photographs you will receive from your wedding. It is best to have your photographer put all the details in writing so that you have a document to refer to should any issues arise.

What is Your Style of Photography?

Does your photographer prefer to take a lot of posed photographs? Or would they rather take natural shots throughout the day? Or perhaps they do a mix of the two. Talk through with your wedding photographer how they like to work throughout the wedding to see if their style suits yours.

Can I See Some of Your Work?

A good wedding photographer will be proud to show off their previous work. Ask to see examples and this will help you see how they work and what the end product will be like.

What Do I Get at the End?

In this digital age, you may find receiving a physical wedding album that you can keep not a certainty. Talk through the options with your wedding photographer, you may receive a full collection of your wedding photographs digitally and then you can print these out yourself. Alternatively you may prefer to receive professional prints of your wedding photographs presented in an album.

Is There Room for Negotiation?

If you are looking to spend a little extra, see if there are any special deals your wedding photographer can offer you. If you are simply receiving digital prints then perhaps you can negotiate a discount or some extra time spent photographing your wedding. You will find many wedding vendors will be flexible and happy to help.

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