Considering a Videographer?

What to consider when it comes to a videographer


Whilst wedding photos are a special way to remember your wedding, if you want to relive the action time and time again it’s worth investing in a wedding videographer.


A videographer will capture your special day on film and, depending on your requests, can edit it and set it to a soundtrack for a movie style reminder of your wedding. When choosing your wedding videographer, it’s important to consider their experience — how long have they been filming weddings, and do they have examples to show you? This will give an insight into how professional they are and how much experience they have.

You might want your wedding DVD to be an elaborate production with a dramatic soundtrack and special effects. Before you book your videographer, check to see if this is something they can do, and if any extra costs will be added. They may also use a second videographer to capture every aspect of your day. If this is the case, make sure all the costs are clarified before you pay out.

Find out how many DVDs you will get of the finished product. Your package may only include one, but it might be worth inquiring about extras if you know that both sets of parents will want a copy, as well as other relatives.

Finally, explain to your videographer what it is you want from the footage — do you want him to mainly film you and your husband, or do you want messages from friends and family recorded too? If you give him a list of things to capture, as well as a map of your wedding location in case he’s not familiar with it, then he can be sure to cover all bases.

Once you’ve explained what you want, and have agreed on a style and the editing, you can look forward to having a reminder of your big day that will allow you to relive it time and time again.


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