Top Tips for Picture Perfect Wedding Photography

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Your wedding photographs will be a lasting memory for years to come, so getting the pictures you want is essential. Choosing a wedding photographer may take some time, and you may even wish to schedule a meeting with him or her before hand, so that you understand their style and character before your wedding arrives. Below are three tips that should help you along the way with receiving amazing wedding photography to treasure forever.

Picture Perfect Photos

Trust Your Photographer

Your wedding photographer will more than likely be a professional, and would have been taking photographs of weddings for several years, so trust them when it comes to taking your photographs. Photographers will have their own style, so don’t worry if you can’t see them at all times throughout your pre-wedding celebrations, ceremony or reception. They will be somewhere taking shots that you wouldn’t have dreamed possible when your photographs are finally revealed.

Discuss the Images You Want

If you’ve got certain pictures in mind that you’d like your photographer to capture then you must communicate this information ahead of time. Be sure to discuss particular images that you’d like taken with family or friends, and if you’d like your photographer to arrive early so that he can take pictures of you getting ready, or spending precious moments with your parents or family before your ceremony then make sure he or she is fully aware. Perhaps prepare a list during your initial meeting so that there’s no confusion at the last minute.

Prepare for Beautiful Shots

If you have some specific shots in mind that involve the exterior of your wedding venue or a specific location that is meaningful to you and your family then make sure you can fit these particular shots in. Also — when it comes to looking good make sure you’re wearing the best make-up for the camera and be sure to practice your beautiful smile, as the camera may be on you for most of your wedding celebration. Your beautician or make-up artist can advice you on what make-up is best when it comes to looking great in your wedding photography.


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