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Our speeches section offers everything you will need to deliver a memorable speech at the reception. From sample speeches to excellent jokes that will leave your guests clutching their sides, Hitched has it all!

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Wedding Speech Tips and Traditions

Best Man Speeches

This is generally the one that all guests look forward to and will hopefully be the highlight of the reception. His speech is usually humorous and fun and will call upon the many experiences he and the groom will have been on throughout their friendship.

Father of the Bride Speeches

The best man will usually be the one to call upon the bride’s father to make a speech. This speech should begin with welcoming all those to the wedding, especially the groom’s parents and other relatives and thanking them for joining the family on this very special day. He will then congratulate his daughter on her wedding and compliment her on how beautiful she looks today. The speech will usually end with a toast to the happy couple.

Groom Speeches

The Groom will begin by thanking his parents and all the guests at the wedding on behalf of him and his bride. Furthermore, he should wish a speedy recovery to those family members and/or friends who could not be at the wedding due to illness. The Groom should lastly thank all those who participated in the wedding and give small gifts to the bridesmaids.

Bride Speeches

Brides will often give a small speech on their wedding day too. She will often express her love for her new husband and give thanks to all those who were involved. The speech can also be as humorous as she wishes.