Wedding Venues Checklist

Questions to Ask Your Venue

  1. Is your venue available on the required date?
  2. Is your venue easy to find?
  3. How many people can you accommodate?
  4. How many car parking spaces are available?
  5. Do you allow candles to be lit?
  6. Do you allow professional firework displays at your venue?
  7. Do you have landing permission should we want a helicopter to whisk us away after?

Accommodation Availability

  1. Do you offer the option of a marquee?
  2. Is there a room provided for the use of "bride and groom" for the day?
  3. When can we have access to begin setting up the room in terms of decorating it with flowers, banners, etc? (Morning of wedding, day before, etc?)
  4. Is there a quieter area for older guests to get away from the noise of a band?

Catering Queries

  1. Do you insist on doing all the catering?
  2. Can you supply examples of suggested menus along with prices?
  3. Can you recommend any wedding vendors?

General Questions about Costs

  1. What are the various options and costs for the use of your venue?